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THE RHINO INDIA is largest manufacturing and sourcing company in the business of RETAIL DISPLAY and MERCHANDISING SOLUTIONS IN INDIA. Our strength being, huge production facilities, vast experience, very strong team of professionals, dedicated work force, our connections with the Chinese market and above all a clean reputation of delivering. All this has been possible due to our dedicated team in India and our own overseas offices offices in China and Hongkong.

All this together helps us to manufacture customized display solutions for our clients like retail display racks for business, aerial display hangers and baskets and plastic moulded hangers for display. We are the leading retail display racks manufacturers in Delhi NCR honoured by the prestigious Pepsico Best Rack Vendor Award. High quality yet affordable retail display stands in floor mounting, wall mounted and table top models is what we offer as a retail display racks manufacturer catering to the customized display needs of different kinds of businesses.

Our focus is an serving the brands through ideas, design and products in the retail environment, both in modern and traditional trade. Our experience of more than two decade in the industry with our own manufacturing and fabrication capacities in the retails display solutions industry makes us powerfull ally for brands that seek solutions at the point of retail.

Our operations are focussed towards maxmising product visibility, enhancing brand experience at the retail level through customised solutions.

Who we are ?

Started approximately 23 years back as a small firm, manufacturing handmade fishing nets and basket ball nets.

In 1989, with the launch of Maggie by Nestle India, our nets were used to display Maggie at the retail outlets using the aerial space. Further in 1992, the launch of Uncle Chips in India, created a huge demand of our Product which was immediately adopted by various brands like Top Ramen noodles, Little Hearts biscuits, Ruffles, Bennie’s, Hello Chips and few more.In 1998, some brands required a better & much more visible solution to their products and further usability of the available floor space, created a demand of floor standing units in the market which was purely traditional at that time.

In 2001, there was emphasis on branding these racks which gave us an opportunity to diversify into large format printing business.

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